My filter for the visible world, is a small black box. The Nikon D 700 FX full frame camera with its Nikkor 16 to 30 MM and 18 to 200 MM lenses. I am also lucky enough to own a beautiful piece of 500 MM glass which lets me reach out into the barely perceivable distance and share with others what I find there.  On my site you will also see infrared images shot on a D 70 DX camera.

I am drawn to those images the we cannot see without collaborating with the camera:

High dynamic range, which entertains the eye with the impossibility of simultaineous and perfect exposure.

Panoramics which bring into a single, perceivable frame the essential impression of an entire scene, a wholistic, rather than editorial expression of a place or time.

Infrared, and the silvery world of this other spectrum of visible light, where life force is seen in elegant, frosty shades of white and tonal range goes on forever.

I live on the wild edge of a continent. At the point where 5000 miles of open Pacific meet 2800 miles of North American land mass. The place is the Cascade Head United Nations Bio-Sphere which straddles the 45th parallel on the central Oregon Coast. Life falls from the sky here in the form of 100 inches of rain every year, anointing everything in its path equally. Air comes fresh off the sea, combining with rich, acidic soils to grow more biology per acre than anywhere else on the planet.

Life here is BIG. Triple digit storms come to visit several times each winter. Anywhere else they would be called hurricanes but here we just shake our heads and say “big blow last night eh”? We humans live here as minorities in a majority of wildness.

My ”world work” is mostly done through my company Ecosystem Services LLC (www.esystemservices.com) where we specialize in bringing to market those products and services that nature provides, (Water, carbon storage, clean air, etc.)  to help rural communities, and the natural systems in which they are located, reach a healthy balance. My second, and related entrepenurial activity is my professional photography as depicted in this the Arc-of-Light site, which has proven to be a compelling tool for conserving places of rare biological value (www.westwind.org) and changing people’s relationship with their landscapes, as well as picturing climate change and how it is becoming a part of our daily lives.

My personal life is joyful and filled with the companionship of my “Gemini-twin/gift-from-the-sea” wife Melany, whom I met here in the year 1970. We enjoy our deep friendships, eating locally, growing a rich and abundant garden, taking baths, building fires, drinking from our spring and being of service to our arts, conservation and spiritual communities.

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